1. Every child is unique and is learning to be capable, resilient, confident and self-assured.

Forest school activities are child-led allowing children to build confidence by informed decisions and trying new things. The flexibility and no time constraints allows children to achieve with a degree of challenge and encourages the perseverance that will help to build resilience.

At Turville we use our forest school throughout the whole year in all weathers so children can experience seasonal change and be resilient in cold and wet weather. They learn in a safe environment by taking small risks. Usually after several sessions children are more confident negotiating uneven grounds. They all love our “busy bee” game where they have to watch out for each other and run away from the bee.


2. Forest school helps to increase balance and physical activity.

Forest school environment gives children the space and freedom to experiment with their strength. Our children love balancing on ropes and climbing the trees and have all shown increased confidence in this area.


3. Children who take part in regular forest school sessions can show greater emotional maturity.

Our children show empathy for the living environment. They respect other living things and plants, take great care not to disturb slugs, spiders and bugs.

Activities such as games and sharing tools teaches the children to work together, strengthening their bonds. They start showing concern for each other.


4. Forest school experience helps promote communication skills through sensory activities.

Natural environment promotes the development of children’s learning through their senses. The children have the freedom to see, listen, touch and smell and are encouraged to talk about their experiences.

Some children don’t like putting their hands into mud. Ours love to have mud not just on their hands but feet as well. They use it to build funny faces on the trees, or drawing on the ground.


5. Forest school activities create excitement and happiness.

Rich natural environment fascinates children which develops a strong will to participate and concentrate over longer period of time. Turville forest school is fun. It is educational but allows children to play, explore and discover at their own pace, creating positive emotions. All our children and staff are happy and friendly.

The secret to our happiness and friendliness is lots of fresh air, excitement and getting mucky!